What My Clients Say


A big thank you to my clients for providing the testimonials below. Personal details are removed for reasons of privacy and confidentiality.

Bronwyn Hay was my Solicitor in a complex Family Law matter involving Property and Children. Bronwyn holds Legendary Status in our household as she fought so hard to achieve an outcome that was just and equitable for everyone. I couldn’t recommend her abilities more highly


Bronwyn has always explained everything slowly. She makes sure you fully understand your choices in every legal matter and understand that each legal case can bring emotions up. Bronwyn shows a tremendous amount of empathy, support and guidance. With her many years of experience, you feel like you're talking to a wise friend and someone you can trust with your private life information.

I have referred several friends, family and businesses to Bronwyn and they all come back and thank me for the referral. Thanks Bronwyn; with you being my solicitor, I always feel that I have someone that I can trust if I need to make important life decisions for myself and my family, I have someone with great experience I can turn to.


Bronwyn provided us with hope throughout a very difficult time in our lives. Faced with having to be separated due to a complex immigration issue, her warmth and compassion were a refreshing change and she achieved an outcome that we would have never been able to achieve on our own.

Many thanks again Bronwyn.

Stuart and Laura

Some years ago Bronwyn Hay fortuitously agreed to represent me in an estate matter for which I am executor. It has involved making a claim to a legacy for the deceased from her brother's estate which involved money held in an American superannuation fund. The matter is now resolved.

Bronwyn has been tenacious, dealing with many USA government departments and other entities. Nothing has been too much trouble, including late night phone calls to coincide with international time differences. Bronwyn has also provided estate advice to both myself and members of my family.

We have been impressed with her guidance and professionalism. Needless to say I would have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn.


Bronwyn has assisted me with several matters including a challenging probate matter which was successfully resolved through her tenacity and attention to detail. Being now based in London I rely on Bronwyn for contractual and other matters and always appreciate her informed view and diligence.


I have known Bronwyn Hay and sought legal advice from her in several practice areas of law for over twenty-five years.

Recently my fiancé and I sought her assistance with an immigration matter pertaining to a Prospective Spouse visa for myself. Her firm was extremely knowledgeable and courteous and we look forward to her further counsel in the future.

I highly recommend Bronwyn Hay Solicitor & Attorney.