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Over the past 20 years, several significant changes to Employment Law legislation have been made.  Due to these changes, many people are confused as to the rights of employees and the extent of the powers of employers.  What legislation do I have to follow, what are the minimum standards?  I can assist you in understanding these changes, what is required of you, and in realising your rights as an employee or powers as an employer. 

Each situation is unique and it is important that you receive up-to-date legal advice pertaining to your specific workplace situation whether it be in the role of Employer or as an Employee.

  • Fair Work Act 2009 – applies to all employees in New South Wales
  • National Employee Standards (“NES”)- 10 minimum standards.
  • 122 Modern Awards – Industry and occupation-based.
  • Casual Employees – only certain NES entitlements apply to casual workers.
  • Flexibility for Parents and Carers.
  • Termination and Unfair Dismissal – you must file an application within 14 days.
  • Restraints of Trade.

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