Corporate & Commercial Law

When running a business you need to ensure that all systems are in place so that your business can operate smoothly without running into any legal problems.  At Bronwyn Hay Solicitor & Attorney we can assist by explaining and taking care of the legal issues so you can rest assured that your business runs as cost-effectively and smoothly as possible. 

Commercial Advice

We can assist by providing sound and relevant business and commercial advice from day 1 to ensure that your business structure works for you now and in the future.  We can advise you on the advantages and implications of different business structures, directors' duties, employment law, occupational health & safety issues and contract negotiation/disputes.  We can also refer you to appropriate specialists to ensure that you receive the most relevant advice according to your particular needs. 

Commercial & Retail Leasing

We understand how important a smooth lease transaction is for your business.  We can assist both landlords and tenants by providing clear and appropriate advice, assist in drafting and negotiating strong terms and ensuring all necessary checks are conducted to ensure the lease goes ahead without any complications.  Above all we aim to provide an efficient and cost-effective service whilst insuring you are provided with sound commercial and legal advice. 

Sale and Purchase of Business

When purchasing or disposing of a business, we can assist by explaining the transaction and structuring it so it is cost-effective and efficient, including advising you on the appropriate structure of the business sale contract, the assets of the business, whether any statutory or licensing regimes apply, how the revenue of the business should be or is calculated, and any employment issues that will inevitably arise for existing, incoming or exiting staff.  We can also advise you on the appropriate business structure and refer to you to other professionals where necessary so that any taxation issues are well planned for and taken care of. 

Contractual Disputes/Debt Recovery

We can assist you and your business when problems do arise by advising you on the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your situation, preferably without the need for litigation.  We have particular experience in drafting appropriate contract terms and agreements for various types of businesses and we also have experience and success in debt recovery to assist in making your business run profitably.

If you are the subject of a debt recovery claim or a contractual dispute it is also important that you obtain appropriate legal advice.  We can assist by explaining your legal obligations and advising you on the most appropriate solution, whilst preferably negotiating a favourable outcome and avoiding the need for costly litigation.